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May 2nd - 6th Teacher Appreciation Weel

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May 20th  - Chuck E Cheese

May 26th - 6:30pm Spring Program and Kindergarten Graduation

May 27th  - 9-Noon ONLY Water Day

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June 6 - August 5

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Welcome to Trinity United Methodist
Preschool & Kindergarten

TUMPS is proud to announce that a former TUMPS student has just received a full ride scholarship to Yale.  Of course, TUMPS can't take all the credit but she started her educational career at TUMPS, so there are endless possiblities for TUMPS Students.  Congratulations Madison O'Neal!"

The goal of Trinity United Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten (TUMPS) is that each child will find a happy, exciting place to explore and learn about self, others and the world. TUMPS helps each young child to grow in many dimensions, at one’s own rate, and in one’s own pattern.  Recognizing that the needs and interests of all individuals and groups vary from place to place, time to time, and from culture to culture.   Realizing that a child’s behavior is totally within the realm of individual experiences, we provide a curriculum and surroundings to encourage initiative, release of feelings, spontaneity of ideas, and creative expression.  A child is an experiencing being, an integral part of the flow of events, relationships, feelings, thoughts, and things.  We approach the child as a natural being ....enthusiastic, zestful, eager, sensitive, responsive, endlessly questioning and discovering.  Therefore, we provide many opportunities for the child to share freely, steadily, and richly in the experiences of nature and culture all around. 

We believe that through play a child learns many of the skills needed in later life.  By providing experiences in arts, crafts, music, rhythms, woodworking, movement, role-playing, literature, physical fitness, cooking, and many other areas, we hope that each child will gain self-confidence, self-discipline, independence and an understanding of cooperation.  If we can arouse an individual’s curiosity and self-expression, we feel we have contributed to their growth as a unique person and to the development of concepts, skills, and attitudes.

When asked “What is TUMPS?” here are some responses:

A great starting place for young children. This place is family. It teaches children how to become independent and yet still how to stay young. Every child should have an early childhood experience like the one my children received at Tumps.Gina, mother of 3 TUMPS Alumni, Lexi (18), Emily (16) and Hailey (9).

It is a place where parents and students call home!Christine, Assistant Principal and mother of 1 Alumni

A difference maker!Chris, Father of 2 Alumni and 3 current children

Like taking your child to stay with familyDave, Father of 2 Alumni

The little United Nations, children from every walk of lifeTracey, Mother of 1

TUMPS is a great place to be a child.  It is place that welcomes you the minute you walk in the door with warmth, security and love, in order for children to grow emotionally, socially and developmentally.Jackie, TUMPS teacher for 32 years

TUMPS is nice, giving and loving.Natalie, Kindergarten student

AWESOME!  - Joshua, Eternity and Whitney, Kindergarten students    

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum concentrates on the following developmental areas: 

Spiritually: The learning experiences encourage the development of a loving Christ-like feeling and attitude, which finds expression in the child’s interpersonal relationship with other children and with adults.

Emotionally: Each child will be encouraged to develop positive feelings about self, by being shown love, respect, and acceptance, as a unique individual.  Feelings of competence will be encouraged, and each child will feel the satisfaction of mastery of new skills through new experiences.

Socially: The child will be offered daily opportunities for constructive play and interaction with other children of about the same developmental level and with similar interests and abilities.

Mentally: Each teacher will provide an environment of planned experiences, which will stimulate curiosity and imagination, and which will contribute to the development of ideas, and logical thinking. 

Physically: Each child will have opportunity for both large and small muscle development.  Motor coordination may develop through the use of proper play equipment and a variety of work and play activities, both indoors and out.  Children will be encouraged in good health habits and to use them daily throughout the school. 

Trinity United Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten has been serving young children and their families since 1962 and is an outreach ministry of Trinity United Methodist Church.  The Preschool is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of church members and current TUMPS parents.  The Preschool Board is accountable to the Education Work Area and Church Council of Trinity United Methodist Church.  The Preschool strives to continually provide a program of exceptional quality through a staff of specially trained early childhood educators.